“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”
— Albert Einstein

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Becky and I am the wanderer behind this blog

Exploring the world, riding bikes, and eating good food are what fuel my soul and drive my unconventional lifestyle

I’ve traveled to all corners of the globe and embarked on some epic adventures, but no matter how far I travel, how many pedal strokes I get in, or how many adventures I go on there is still another destination and yet another experience to be had. My wanderlust and thirst for adventure is insatiable

I started my travels young when my parents gifted my brother and I yearly two week adventures during spring break to destinations like Belize, Mexico, Switzerland, Banff, and Costa Rica

From there, I did not stop. I spent 6 months in New Zealand as an exchange student in high school and then 9 months in Kenya during college where I studied wildlife conservation

After college I bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii where I roamed the islands for three months before landing a job as a steward on a National Geographic cruise ship. Two weeks later I was flying down to Baja, Mexico to begin my life at sea

Today, I still work on the ships from time to time, but now as a massage therapist, and I also guide biking and hiking trips around the world with Backroads. In between travel for work, I travel for fun and most of my pleasure trips are planned around biking and good food

 It’s an unconventional and nomadic lifestyle for sure, but I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) have it any other way

On this blog you will find photography, writing, and stories that are inspired by both work and pleasure and usually revolve around some sort of two wheeled adventure

I hope you enjoy!

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