All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
— Martin Buber


Hotels, bed and breakfasts, Airbnb's, hostels, housesitting, couch surfing, camping... there are a whole slew of options to consider when it comes to travel accommodations whether you're on a bike trip or not. And in my experience, where I sleep oftentimes makes or breaks a vacation. I've stayed in some pretty special places around the world and I've also stayed in some dumps. Check out these guides to help you determine how and where to find your next bed as you cycle your way around the world.


Figuring out transportation while on the road can be frustrating, daunting, and frankly a little scary especially with a bike in tow. But whether we're talking flights, car rentals, or figuring out how the public transportation system works in a foreign city, there are tons of little tips and tools out there to make it easier to get around when you're not using your own pedal power. Check out my guides on transportation here.


Like any sport, biking requires some amount of gear to get going - namely a bike and a helmet. That's all you really need! But of course, there is countless other bike-related paraphernalia out there depending on what type of riding you're doing and where. On this page you'll find some of my favorite tried and true gear.  

Food & Fuel

Whether it be hostel cooking, campfire cooking, or preparing homemade snack bars for a multi-day bikepacking trip, I have a strong opinion that eating well is an essential part to each and every two wheeled adventure. I love good food! Want to find out how you can eat delicious food everywhere your two wheels take you? Read my guides on fueling up here.


Just as it's important to manage money efficiently when you're going about your daily life, it's also equally important (if not more) to manage money efficiently when traveling. It's no fun to run low money when you've just cycled 50 miles and are in dire need of a hearty meal. Need help with budgeting? Don't know how to save for your next big biking trip? Want to travel cheaply but not really travel cheaply? Read my articles on money and bike travel here.

Health & Safety

Health and safety aren't the most glamorous aspects of travel, but they are important. There are many preventive measures you can take to stay healthy and safe while on the road, but you always need to be aware and ready for the worst-case scenario especially when bikes are involved. Not sure where to begin or what you should do to prepare for your bike trip? Here are some helpful guides.

Planning Resources

Perhaps my favorite part of traveling is the planning. Does that sound crazy? I love reading about and researching new places almost as much as I love actually being there. From blogs to magazine articles to books to documentaries there are so many resources to help you plan for your next bike trip. Need some ideas on where to look? Click here.